Boy Bedrooms

Boy Bedrooms

Choosing an exciting theme and decorating boy bedrooms are very important to make them comfortable in their room. Even some parents prepare it before they are born. They spend much time to think about themes for the bedrooms.

There are many kinds of themes for your son. The followings are some themes of boy bedrooms.

  1. Nautical Theme

To build your son character can begins from his bedroom arrangement. Some parents choose nautical theme for their son bedroom to build his strong, tough, and brave like a navy. Nautical theme is identical with blue color. When you come to this room, you are directly emerged to the sea view. The choice of color is blue, navy blue. Some walls, ceiling, pillows and bed cover are all in blue color. Blue does not only give bright nuance, but it also gives tough performance of the bedroom. You can also combine red, blue and white color. Let ceiling and wall be dominated by white color while others are blue. Nautical theme is stronger by presenting some nautical accessories. The accessories can be miniature of ship and round clock, with its tube-like frame. You can also add Popeye doll, or cartoon character Sailor moon. The brightness of the bedroom can be presented by using glitter paint. Children prefer having bright glittering color bedroom.

  1. Insect theme

To make your son study about his environment especially about insects, you can use this theme for his bedroom. You can put some furniture like chair, bed linen, or lamp with insect theme. Put some insect pictures on the wall as accessories.

  1. Pet theme

Does your son like having pets, Dog, bird, snake, cat or other animals? The theme may help your son love his pet more and they are closer. You can put some pictures of your son and his pet on his room walls or put some pet dolls spread in his room.

  1. City and house theme

The theme provides beautiful scheme and gives your son pleasure when he is in his bedroom. You can use some funny and strange game boxes as the decoration. It is beautified by wall paintings of streets and a city.

  1. Safari theme

For this theme, you can use wallpaper, bed linen with animal motifs. You can also use pillow and blanket with picture of leopard. Add the corner of the room with some lion or tiger dolls. To add decoration details, you put a whiteboard that make your son interested to draw.

  1. Village cabin theme

Some boys like to have adventure in nature, climbing or hiking. You can use natural theme in your son bedroom. Use wallpaper with animal’s pictures like bird, bear, fish etc. You can also do the same way with your bed linen and pillow. Add some accessories of animal themes, natural nuance like spruce, leaves and branches.

  1. Tropical Forest theme

Use wallpaper with forest theme. You can do the same theme on your son bedroom carpet. Put some decorations about animals such as colorful snakes, bird dolls, and butterflies. As an alternative, you can make animal-like pillow.

  1. Racing car theme

Bed in racing car shape is very exciting. If you don’t have much budget, you can use wallpapers with racing car theme. Or decorate the walls with racing car picture, calendar and poster about racing car.

  1. Outer space theme

You can use some accessories like one set of Apollo bed, outer space wallpapers, constellation ceiling and rocking chair with thousands of stars. It can create your son’s imagination about outer space.

With some decorations above, it may help you design and decorate a bedroom for your son.

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Description: Choosing an exciting theme and decorating boy bedrooms are very important to make them comfortable in their room.

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