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Bread machine

Bread machine is a tool to process the dough into bread. The bread machine is definitely much needed by people who want to do business selling bread. Then, where the shopping this bread maker machine? Before discussing it, we should discuss one type of bread machines, namely bread mixer. Here’s his review.
Bread machine
Machine Bread Bread mixer Remesia Products Machinery

A bread mixer or bread machine tool used to process the cake or bread dough. This bread is a multipurpose mixer because it can be used for various types of dough like to stir the types of cake cake, flour, bread, and so forth. Well, the mixer bakery shops selling this one is Remesia Machinery. In this store, sold two types of bread mixer, ie planetary mixers and mixer spiral.

1. Bread Planetary mixer

This planetary mixer bread works in accordance with the theory of planetary rotation, ie shaker (beater) revolves around the bowl (bowl), while his bowl was rotating to produce dough that is smooth and flat. Planetary mixer bowl or bowl can be removed so that it can be washed and cleaned.

Meanwhile, stir the capacity of the planetary mixer is in the range of 4-liter, 5 liter, 15 liter, 20 liter, 30 liter, 40 liter, 50 liter, and so on. Equipped with 3-speed stirring speed, planetary mixer bread can be used for all types of dough. This multifunctional bread mixer has 3 hook or eye spiral, fan (shaker), as well as the whip or the ball.

This multifunctional mixer machine also has three speeds, as follows.

* Spiral (hook) are advised to use speed 1 and 2.
* Beater (fans) are advised to use speed 1, 2, and 3.
* Whiper (balls) are advised to use speed 1, 2, and 3.

Note also that this bread mixer machine works in accordance with the theory of rotation, ie the hook rotates around the bowl that does not rotate. By doing so, the resulting bread dough will be very soft and flat. Other components in this bread mixer is the third eye stirrer, namely spiral hook, paddle beater and wire whiper. Meanwhile, the function of each eye mixer is as follows.

* Spiral is used to stir the flour mixture and the type of food that is quite thick.
* Beater used to stir the cheese, butter, various flour, pastry and croissant dough.
* Whip used unruk stirred aqueous foodstuffs such as milk, eggs, cream, and so forth.

2. Bread Spiral mixer

Bread spiral mixer is a tool to create large-capacity batter. Spiral beater and bowl in this spiral bread mixer rotates simultaneously, so as to produce a soft dough once evenly. Typically, a spiral mixer is used for mixing ijni different types of dough, either sweet bread or bread.

The characteristics of this spiral mixer bowl or the bowl is not removable, but can rotate together with the stirrer (hook). Meanwhile, the advantages of this technology are the bread dough mixer is not easy to heat and quickly turned into a soft dough. Keep in mind that in order to obtain better results and the dough is perfect, it is advisable to use cold water.

Another plus is the second speed so that the speed of the spiral mixer is ideal for stirring once all kinds of dough. Then, mixing bowl can rotate in tandem sehingag able to increase the speed of mixing the dough in it.

What about the engine? Mixer machine is equipped with protective covers are easy to use. In addition, this machine adopts synchronous belt high enough intensity and driven by vee belt also chain. The engine can run smoothly with very stable transmission. The capacity of this spiral mixer consists of 20 liter, 30 liter, 40 liter, 50 liter, and so on.

Artificial bread mixer excellence Remesia Machinery

Here are some of the advantages of the mixer bakery products Remesia Machinery.

* Transmission using van belt (fan belt), so that the load on the dynamo is not too heavy compared with direct transmission gear wear. Direct transmission with gear can certainly be fatal and also make fast dynamo is damaged or frayed.
* Spiral (hook) made of aluminum castings so that the burden is on the dynamo does not gain weight. In addition, his hook was bigger so the dough will be more equitable result.
* Beater (fan) also made from aluminum castings material so that the load on the dynamo will not gain weight. Even bigger fan so that the dough results are more evenly distributed.
* Whip (balls) made from aluminum castings and stainless steel wire which is quite flexible. In addition, the ball is more bloated and large that whisk faster. Dough whisk results will develop rapidly.

How to Order

As a provider of business purposes in the field of beverage intended for small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, Ramesia Engine provides online and offline services. The consumer can freely choose the easiest way of buying and safe. In this case, Ramesia Machines always do business with consumers as the best partner is easy, safe, and practical.

1. Shopping by Phone

Shopping over the phone can be your choice if you want to buy a product from Ramesia Machine. Ease of ordering products through the purchase transaction can be done simply by contacting by telephone, namely (021) 83.2077 million.

2. Visiting Direct

In addition to telephone, customers can also make purchases directly by visiting the showroom Ramesia machine located at Jalan Anggrek Raya No. 186, Housing Depok, West Java. With direct visit, surely you will be satisfied.

Bread Machine Automatic Deck Oven

If you are a number of bakeries may use automatic deck oven gas-fueled, not hurt you to know better about the function of the control of the oven, if you are not using automatic deck oven, you can switch to use it with consideration of efficiency and performance that optimal.

To know the detail section of the automatic oven control, you can open the side of your oven.

2 units IC control board / sparkling tools blue square is used to control the solenoid valve work, centrifugal fan, lighters and fire alarm failure in the combustion chamber. So this tool is automatic deck oven brain.
2 units Centrifugal Fan or Blower tool shaped like a snail’s shell serves to blow the gas pipe in the combustion chamber with air generated, this air serves to speed up the heat in the combustion chamber.
2 units of the solenoid valve is functioning tool to open and close the incoming gas flow in the pipe burner in the combustion chamber.
2 units lighters and fire sensors this tool serves to light a fire in the burner pipe inside the combustion chamber, after the fire burning in the new normal ordered to sparkling flame sensor to stop the fire. If the fire does not start normally, the sensor is ordered to sparkling fire to sound an alarm and shut down the system.
2 sets of copper pipes, this tool as a liaison between the gas lines and the air entering the combustion chamber burner pipe. For certain types of oven in there nozzle pipe, which serves as a counterweight to the gas pressure.

That’s the bread machine reviews about shopping. Happy shopping!

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