French Country house

French Country house

Country house is usually used a halfway house or a vacation house. It is usually built in a country or in a quite large land. Based on the history a country house reflects British, French, American and other Scandinavians who are close to nature. The concept gives important roles to the nature; air circulation, lighting, and materials. A country house is very romantic and countryside nostalgic.

A country house has its own characteristic. It usually widens or landscape with wide overstake shading windows and entrance door. It also has a large terrace. Rooms are usually interconnected without having absolute / permanent barrier.  Railing, wall cabinet and difference of floor level become an alternative to create rooms.

The floor is made of wood, dentil crown molding or carvings.

Furniture is made practical, functional and durable so it can be used by the next generations.  It is the result of their skills and crafts with natural materials such as wood, stones, and cloth.

Country house paint colors are dominated by natural colors like brownish yellow or white to give the impression of comfort and warmth inside the house. But, some people use the original natural color like stones, woods, or green leaves colors. you can also create paint color matched with natural element in some parts of your house.

In dining room, all chairs and tables are made of wood with natural color. You can put a big window facing the large front yard which is full of plants. It makes your dining room cooler and interesting.

Besides, a country house is also dominated by wooden decoration in every part of the house. To make it warm, it is decorated with fireplaces and chimney.  The advantage of having a country house is it has optimal beauty and comfort.

It usually has a large yard with many kinds of plants and trees, for example, orange, grapes, avocado and lemon.

A country house is usually built in country, but it is possible to apply in urban houses by adopting the interior design into your house. Woods can be substituted by parquet which can be found in the market. To get natural nuance, you can plaster a half of the wall with a certain motif. You can add some natural ornaments on the wall, for example, animals decoration, painting reflecting country life, or photographs about your past. You can add a rocking chair.

The kitchen is very simple. Put only some needed kitchen staff. It has large space to move and do activities in the kitchen. It is dominated with bright color such as white, beige, brown, pale yellow, green or blue. You can also do the same with the furniture. It is mostly made of wood to give natural impression. But you can also combine with the metal furniture. The floor can be from wood or ceramics as the main element. The lighting used is unique and antique hanging lamp. The window is decorated by chic motif curtain and some flowers. You may also use wallpaper to make your kitchen more charming.


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Description: Country house is usually used a halfway house or a vacation house. It is usually built in a country or in a quite large land.

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