Hair fall causes

Hair fall causes.

Hair is like crown especially for women. Having shining, smooth and healthy hair is a dream of most people. Some habits unconsciously become the trigger of hair problems such as hair fall. It is one of some hair problems experienced by many people. That’s why you have to know why this happens.

By noticing the causes, it is hoped that you know how to prevent and protect the health and the beauty of your hair. 

The causes are:

  1. Showering with warm / hot water

Dehydrated skin can be caused by warm / hot water so that it makes your hair dry, frangible, even broken. It leads to hair fall. According to Ryan Welter, MD, an expert of hair’s transplantation said that hot water causes hair roots damage that hair can be easily fallen. Cool or plain water is recommended for your hair health.

  1. Having diet

Hunger forces the energy to do some other functions, for example, to help heart and brain activities. Therefore, if you have an unhealthy diet, it will disturb hair nutrition. To make your hair healthy, please consume high protein low fat food, such as fish, chicken and nuts.

  1. Exposing to sunlight

Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun can gradually get rid of the elasticity of someone’s hair. According to the experts, cuticle layer becomes weak when it is exposed to the UV rays that cause hair fall. Therefore, you are advised to wear a hat or other head cover in order that your hair is not directly exposed to the UV ray. Or you can use conditioner to prevent hair fall.

  1. Drying hair roughly

After washing your hair, dry it smoothly and slowly to avoid hair fall.

  1. Tying hair tightly

Tying your hair tightly is one of hair fall causes. It is not recommended because it makes hair moikel damaged. If it is permanently damaged, hair cannot grow anymore. Therefore, make loose ties and pull it softly when you want to tie it.

  1. Having physical stress

Physical stresses like getting accident or other physical disorders causes some hair problems. Hair will experience temporary hair fall or called telogen effluvium. Hair will grow as the recovery process does.

  1. Using shampoo

Using shampoo while you wash your hair is advisable. But you have to select which shampoo is suitable for your hair. Avoid using shampoo with high chemical substances. Otherwise, your hair will be damaged.

  1. Getting pregnancy

When a woman is getting pregnant, the hair growth will be influenced. It is because the hormonal changes in her body, such as physical and mental pressure as well as stress. It happens during the pregnancy. When she gives a birth, this condition will end. By having good and healthy treatment, her hair will grow well.

  1. Having genetic factor

Genetic factor is closely related to the hair growth and treatment. If your parents experienced of having hair fall, you might have the same thing.

  1. Having menopause

Menopause is one causes of hair fall. This condition happens because the hormone in your body is unbalanced. Besides, tiring and emotional stress can be another cause. To prevent from this, keep the balance of estrogen hormone in your body

  1. Thyroid disease

Thyroid disease can be a cause of hair fall. Unbalanced thyroid hormone can lead to hair fall.

To protect your hair from hair fall, you can consume healthy food as well as hair treatment.

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Description: Hair is like crown especially for women. Having shining, smooth and healthy hair is a dream of most people. Some habits unconsciously become the trigger of hair problems such as hair fall.


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