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Lighting is very important. Sometimes you have designed the interior design as good as possible but the result is nor satisfying. It can be because of the lighting.  A house with good paint and furniture will look dull and boring because it does not have good lighting. Therefore, your house has to have good lighting to make it more beautiful, interesting and comfortable.

Lighting is divided into two, active and passive. Active lighting is from sunlight while passive lighting if from decorative lamps. The followings are some tips that may help you to have a good lighting in your house:

Use the sunlight

Sunlight is a endless natural lighting source. It can penetrate through very small space in your house while lamp cannot do that. Therefore make use of the sunlight by:

  • Check every part of your house in the morning, afternoon and evening so that you know which part that of your house getting enough, too much or a lack of lighting.
  • Put curtains or canopy to avoid getting too much light. When it is cloudy, you can open the curtains to get enough light.
  • Make a list of activities you do in the morning, afternoon and evening. Try to do the activities near the window. For example, put table and chairs near the window of in the middle of the room not at the corner of the room where there is a lack of light. Even you need you need extra lamp when you do activities in the evening.

Plan of installing the lamp

After you have used the sunlight for day activities, arrange the lighting for evening activities and decorative lighting.

  • General lighting is to make sure that all parts of your house has already got enough lighting; your front and backyard, living room, family room, terrace, kitchen, dining room, garage, bedroom, bathroom and store room.
  • Evening lighting is lighting using lamps to give enough light for doing activities such as cooking, reading, studying etc.
  • Special decorative lighting is an important lighting to expose a certain point which is the best part in your house. For example, decorative lighting for paintings, fountain, wall relief, collection of antiques or other things that needs to be exposed.


After you have decided which part of your house need lighting, you have to choose what lamp you will use.

  • Use energy saving light and durable. It’s a little bit expensive with high quality.
  • To be more economical, choose lighting with industrial and minimalist design.
  • LED lamp is getting popular now. You may use this kind of lamp because it has effective lighting for some points, environmentally friendly, and not cause any health problems.
  • Use the lamps when they are needed. It is more efficient. you can save your money for electricity bills and save the energy.

Types of lamp

There are many types of lamps based on their shapes/forms: chandelier, pendant, standing lamp, hanging lamp, table lamp, and wall lamp. Choose the one you like and matched your room design.

Lighting is not only a matter of getting light but also getting a beauty.


Key words: lighting, sunlight, lamp, decorative, expose.

Description: Lighting is very important. Sometimes you have designed the interior design as good as possible but the result is nor satisfying. It can be because of the lighting.


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