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How it Works Machine Motor Matic

Do you know how to work the machine matic? Technology is growing. This development adds to the ease of man to live. One of which developed rapidly is a means of transportation.

Motor vehicle is not a luxury item today. riding is also not difficult. One thing that makes it all becomes easy is the number of vehicles matic. Indeed there are many who are still confused by how the motor matic. Here’s a little explanation.

Matic motor can be driven with ease. You do not need to move the transmission gears manually. At first, to run a motorcycle, you have to pull the clutch and move the gear gears manually. With this system you can regulate the amount of gas, the speed of the clutch and move the gearshift. This kind of arrangement can make the rider accelerates the style of driving.

Then the motor technology develops. In 1970 was discovered type of motor that does not have to play the clutch lever manually if you want to move the gearshift. Clutch will work automatically. So riders only need to move the gears manually without having to think about the clutch. Motor type is often referred to by the Indonesian motorcycle.

How it Works Machine Motor Matic

At first this system is also called automatic or matic system. But for now this meaning has shifted matic. Matic in perception today is not to shift gears or clutch gears manually. Everything is automated, the driver only needs to think of the gas and brake.

The use of this kind is easy, but it can also be dangerous. Matic machine does not use engine brake that can significantly reduce the speed of the motor. So to stop the motor matic type, depends only on the front brakes and rear brakes. Therefore put on the motor matic be careful.

Moreover, how to drive a motor matic is also different from other ordinary bike. This is mainly due to the technology in different matic motorcycle or motor that still use manual clutch.
How it Works Machine Motor Matic
Matic motor are the main components called with a Continuously Variable Transmission is when the speed changes, the elements that work is Vbelt and variable pulley. Matic motor there is a vbelt and two pulleys, which are in front and behind. The second pulley groove width can be changed according to the motor speed and rotation speed of the engine.

At low engine rotation speed, the front pulley will have a great groove width and vbelt radial small. At the same time, the rear pulley will have a narrow groove width with a large radial vbelt. Around this time, then there is the ratio between the pulley and the pulley behind the front. This will affect the speed of a motor vehicle.

On the front there is a roller pulley which has a duty to suppress pulley on engine speed increases. Roller will be thrown off by the centrifugal force of the spin machine. This will suppress the pulley so that the pulley width that was most likely to be small. Vbelt pulley will also be squeezed by which narrow so that the belt will be shifted to the outer side and will be turned into a large radial.

When the engine putara again changed to low, the centrifugal force of the roller will decrease. Roller and will lose the power to suppress the front pulley. This makes the pulley back into the narrow back due to the impetus that has been pressing pulley spicy. The ratio of this situation is the radial rear vbelt vbelt big and small front section.

So in sum is as follows:

* At low engine speed: vbelt Large rear vbelt -radial small forward.

* At high engine speed: vbelt small rear vbelt radial big front.

You can imagine the same as the position of the chain and gears on a bicycle pedal. If the large front gear, the bike can have a faster pace than if the small front gear.

Matic machine technology in not only up here. To prevent the rear wheels spinning when engine speed is low, there is an automatic clutch that is connected to a pulley on the back. This will release the clutch pulley relationship between the rear with the gear reducer to the rear wheels when the rotation of the engine is low.

With the addition of the engine rotation speed, canvas Koling will depress the clutch bowl because of the centrifugal force on canvas clutch. This will make a bowl clutch receive power to be transmitted to the gear reducer. This power will be continued to the rear wheels to make the motor can go.


Of CVT technology is certainly claimed to be superior to its predecessor. One clear advantage of this technology is the easy way to operate. In addition, the treatment is also considered to be easier and cheaper. Riders only need to pay attention to the condition of the vbelt.

This condition should be checked every vehicle a distance of 10,000-20,000 km. This condition is also very dependent on the way you use and also the condition of the roads impassable terrain. If only the vbelt has been elongated or cracked, it should to be replaced with new ones. This replacement classified as treatment. And you also know that the treatment is necessary to keep the ride more longevity.

In addition to the above of course there are other things that need to be considered in treating matic machine. Here are some tips that can be applied to treat the motorcycle engine matic:

* Prior to the motor used should you reheat terlebuh machine used to wear a choke. Some engine Matis now it’s been put on automatic choke. We recommend that you let the heat engine, a maximum of five minutes. This is done so that the oil circulation can lubricate the entire inside of the machine.

* We recommend that you check the condition of the battery and spark plugs on a regular basis. In matic motor and battery plugs role is certainly very important. One of them because matic motorcycle is full DC.

* The condition of the vbelt and roller should also be checked with ruton. Vbelt that is located next rida distance is usually serviced every 10,000 km and replaced every 25,000 miles to take.

* Always clean the transmission space regularly every 4000 miles. CVT components that exist in the transmission space is very susceptible to dirt and dust.

* Change the gear oil every 5000 km mileage or in accordance with the instructions for use of this vehicle. We recommend using the transmission oil or lubricant specifically motor matic.

* Note the oil regularly. Try to change the oil regularly every 1000 km and using special oil matic motorcycle. Matic special lubricant can work with up to the entire surface of the components in the engine skutic. This special lubricant can also reduce friction and oxidation that can occur in the engine.

* If you use automatic motorcycle that has been servicing injection injection should be done every 10,000 miles distance.

Thus the discussion of how the motor matic machine, may be useful!

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