Thursday, 13 June 2024
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Islamic Bilingual Senior High School of Batu (red: MA BILINGUAL BATU)

Hi.., my name is Betric Feriandika. I am 30 years old. I am teacher in Islamic Bilingual Senior High School of Batu (MA Bilingual Batu – East Java – Indonesia). Actually I am Arabic teacher. But also I teach English. It is my challenge, but I like it J. Cause I will be able to learn english more and more by teaching english.

MA Bilingual Batu is built since five years ago. By its name “BILINGUAL”, of course my scholl always forward two foreign languages, Englis and Arabis language. Although it is still new scholl, but many foreighners from Australia, Korea, America have studied comparation to this school. Last year 2014, we got nine natives from America to teach English Program for students. And Next year 2016/2017 we will get voulantary native speaker from Amerika for a year.

In this time, I will talk about English Languange first in my school.

In my school there are many programs according to the languanges, one of them is English Program for students and English Course for Teachers. English Program for students is held a hour on Monday till Friday after second break or after praying dhuhur. And English Course for teachers is held every week.

Class of English Program classified to four classes : Intermediete I, Intermediete II, Basic I, and Basic II. Each class there are about 25 students

So don’t worry.., for new students that can not speak english, even never know about english, will be enter to the basic class.

The objective of teaching and learning English is to enable students and teachers to communicate in English.

Cause in this era of globalization, English indeed has become an important means of communication. can help teachers and students to achieve the goals of teaching and learning English especially on speaking.


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