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Jilbab Girl Photo Colection

Jilbab Girl Photo Colection – Siapa bilang pakai jilbab tidak menarik? Banyak cewek yang tak mau pakai jilbab karena takut tidak cantik atau tidak mau repot. Hal ini relatif karena banyak juga cewek cantik yang tetap cantik saat pakai jilbab. Mau bukti? Nih foto-foto berikut yang sebagian saya ambil dari Google Gambar.

cewek jilbab girl photo

cuantik jilbab susu besar

gadis pedesaan susu besar

jilbab cantik temanku

jilbab menantang susu besar, panyudaranya besar banget cewek berjilbab

model jilbab manis cantik

cewek canting kuning panyudara besar banget

cewek imut berjilbab

cewek ini besar panyudaranya berjilbab, besar banget panyudaranya rek

kumpulan cewek berjilbab

cewek kuning mulus


model jilbab manis senyuman gadis cantik

cewek berkerudung cantik



The Jilbab is a very common sight throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world, yet for a very long time it has remained an object of mystery and is much debated in the west.While Jilbabs are considered the leading dress for Muslim women, there are some controversies about the Jilbabs styles from the early Islamic time. Over the decades due to a strong influx of Muslims it has become a common sight on the streets of some western capitals. Jilbabs tend to be long robes which are used as an outer garment to cover the clothes which are worn in the privacy of the home with family or in all female gatherings.

Advantage of women wearing the headscarf
what the hijab?

hijab or veil is a rectangular piece of cloth that can be create unique form or piece of cloth that was on sewing so that they close the veil aurat.Use is not necessarily just wear headgear but other body parts should be covered also by using orderly fashion, rather loosely, and polite so-called Muslim Fashion. Today, fashion is already a lot of modifications to the model a more modern fashion and comfort in wear anywhere and show anything.

As for the benefits of this dress is wearing:

1. Pahala get exact.
2. Protected from UV rays are becoming increasingly worse because berlubangnya ozone layer that protects the earth.
3. Avoid skin cancer is horrible.
4. Not to protect hair damaged and cracked, but kalo ga damaged in siyh reasonable care aja. At least the hair protected from direct sunlight.
5. The skin becomes brighter plasticity rather putihan alias, although the northern white ga pan asia so we are naturally kalo ga rich white people Caucasians.
6. Bule person or people here also have a minimal pake baju alias so less material so ‘private parts ketho e. Instead, there is an open accidentally own in a fatal part. objects are often made … tau dong what is often the Umbar people like this heheh .. “balloon at women body”. but there is also a deliberate indulgence in the object in front of everyone just wants to get the sensation. Well, this Muslim dress is the solution for people who like to wear minimal clothing and spit “balloon” is to avoid the things mentioned above.
7. Escaped from the hands of ignorant idle because of this Muslim clothes can cover a woman’s curves with one condition that the clothing worn loose or tight kalo shape lying mah sama aja kalo sukur-sukur attractive body shape similar kalo ga lepet well.
8. People who intend stupid or ignorant it does not intend to occasionally say “bu Assalamu’alaykum Hajj”. It also benefits for the women because the person we’ve mendo’akan indirectly.
9. Avoid bad talk. Some women only wear this dress for a shield for their bad deeds. Ehmmm … but at least they have not closed the shame, although no

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