Middle-East Interior Design

Middle-East Interior Design

Tips and simple steps to create Middle-East interior design and choose matched furniture to accomplish a room decoration. What do you have in your mind when you are talking about Middle-East interior design? Of course, it is about luxury and glamor. This design focuses on luxury, comfort, and mightiness with bright color choice that becomes the characteristic of interior decoration of Middle-East kingdoms.

This unique touch is sometimes able to present different thing in modern minimalist design trend nowadays that is usually dominated by black and white color. If you have the Middle-East nuance in one of your rooms, you can experiment more on bright and striking colors that spoil your eyes.

Middle-East interior design focuses on mosaic art presented on the room ceiling. Besides, the use of silk curtains with striking and gold colors dominates the room colors. It supports your room’s luxury.

Now, do you want to apply this Middle-East interior design in your house? The followings are some simple tips that you can apply and help you meet your dream.

  1. Color: choose bright and striking colors but a little bit dark.

When you are thinking to apply this design, the right choice of colors will be an important role in meeting your dream. The appropriate colors are bright red, maroon, bright purple, bright green and blue. You can add yellow or gold colors to give dessert touch. To decorate more personal rooms such as living room and family room, the blue color is a god choice. While for public areas such as guest room, red or maroon is more suitable.

  1. Lighting: choose lantern, chandeliers, and hanging lamp as main lamps.

The lighting gives more priority on the use of big chandeliers with golden yellow light. In addition, you can use lanterns and candles. Avoid using one kind of lamp dominating the whole part of a room. The combination of several kinds of lamps creates Middle-East touch becomes more live.

  1. Furniture: choose Middle-East furniture.

To decorate Middle-East room design, you have to choose supported furniture. Avoid using modern and minimalist furniture. Its black and white color does not support the Middle East nuance which is luxurious and grandeur. Wooden furniture dominates the room. The color is usually gold, brown and bronze. The good type of furniture for this design is carving furniture with mosaic, especially on chairs and tables. You can also do the same on your doors. Other furniture to support the theme is console table, drawer cabinet, display cabinet, and chair. It is better to have them carved with mosaic art.

  1. Accessories: add pillow, curtains and rugs.

The Middle-East design is very popular with pillow and cushion especially in the living room/guest room. You can choose bright colors such bright orange, purple, red and yellow for them but they are still matched the room color. Add cylindrical cushion to give Middle-East nuance. Furthermore, use silk curtains which are thick and big so that they dangle to the floor. The color is usually maroon, blue, gold, or green. While for the rugs, choose brown or maroon color. Persian rugs are usually decorated this room because they have good quality and support Middle-East theme in your room interior design. 


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Description: Tips and simple steps to create Middle-East interior design and choose matched furniture to accomplish a room decoration.

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