Monday, 17 June 2024
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Natural dental whitening

Natural dental whitening

Teeth are very important body organs. They use every day; cut, chew food. When they are not treated well, it will cause some dental problems. Brushing your teeth regularly is one of ways to make your teeth clean and white. There are some problems someone will get if they do not treat their teeth well. One problem often experience by most people is yellowish teeth. If you have so, brushing teeth is not enough. You need some other herbal mixture to solve this problem. First, you can use strawberry to whiten your teeth. Mash the strawberry; regularly rub the mashed strawberry onto your teeth. The whitening effect of the strawberry makes your teeth white. Then, brush your teeth to remove the glucose left on your teeth. Second, you can use banana peel skin. Peel a banana. Take the peeled skin and rub it onto your skin. Leave it for some minutes. Then brush your teeth. Do it for one or two weeks to get the best result. Third, you can mix three tablespoons of baking soda with one table spoon of water. Stir it well until it becomes thick paste. You can use it as toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Do it once a week. Otherwise, it will damage your teeth enamel. Fourth, you have to brush your teeth in 30 minutes after you have your meals. Many people brush their teeth immediately after their meals. Stop doing it now. Otherwise, you will have problems with your teeth. Fifth, you can use bay leaves. Puree bay leaves. Then mix it with dried pureed orange leaves. Put a little water. Mix them well until it becomes paste. Use it as toothpaste. Next, orange peel skin is also used to whiten your teeth. Rub the inside part of orange peel skin onto your teeth. Do it many times in a day. You teeth will be sensitive to it because the orange peel skin contain vitamin C. Then, you may use fruit and vegetables to whiten your teeth. Fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery can help you whiten your teeth. It functions well as teeth whitening without damaging your teeth enamel. Lemon is another natural substance that whitens your teeth. It contains citrate acid that can be functioned as teeth whitening. Prepare a lemon. Cut it into two. Rub the cut lemon onto your teeth. You will get white teeth. Next, you can use mustard oil and salt to brush your teeth. Mix them. Rub it onto your teeth using your fingers. Mustard oil and salt are believed to be able to clean your teeth and remove plagues. Do it once in a month. Those ways of whitening your teeth can give quick or slow result. When you do it correctly and based on its instructions, you will get the best result. And your teeth will become white. If it is so, to make your teeth keep white, strong, and healthy, do those treatments regularly in order that your teeth will do their functions well.


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Description: Teeth are very important body organs. They use every day; cut, chew food. When they are not treated well, it will cause some dental problems.   

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