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the creation of a reference manual Beginner’s Hockey Skills based on Motion Truth.

In each sport, there are a number of fundamental techniques that set it apart from other sports.
Among the characteristics of today’s hockey players, according to Elisabet and Sue (1999; 12), are players who possess skills, stamina, strength, and engineering know-how.
Dribbling, running, hitting the ball (Hit), stopping the ball (Stop), and passing the opponent are the basic movement characteristics of hockey.
According to the classification of movement in hockey, movement is an open skill in the sport.
Becky Swissler (2003: 11) argues that field hockey players must possess the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, and tackling.
The correct body position is needed to perform these skills.
A book is a written material that presents the author’s knowledge and thoughts in the form of a guide for practicing sports techniques.
A book is an essential part of the training process, and this can be seen in its role as a tool that helps coaches and coaches deliver training to athletes, as well as the fact that athletes can practice at any time and in any place with a book as a guide to help them improve.
This demonstrates the importance of using a book while practicing sports techniques.
This distinction is made by William A. Kartz in Abdul Rahman Saleh & Janti G. Sujana (2009: 80).
The manual is a book that provides instructions on how to carry out a task or activity, while the guidebook is a book that provides information on a specific topic or issue.
According to this understanding, the book that was written falls under the category of a guidebook.
Exercises for practicing basic techniques based on correct motion are included in this guidebook’s content.
Volunteers at the community can use this guidebook as a source of information.
Lasa is the name of the game (2002: 53)
You can get more information about an object by reading a guidebook. A guidebook contains specific information about the object, as well as procedures and professional principles. This book is intended for those who want to learn more about the subject matter.

There is still a lack of Indonesian hockey books that can be used as training guide materials for basic techniques, according to preliminary observations made by the researchers.
Lists of books in Indonesian that the researcher gathered, such as those on hockey, are shown here.
ITB Bandung, 1985. Primadi Tabrani. “Hockey and Creativity in Sports.”
Hockey Creativity and Research in Sports by Primadi Tambrani. Bandung, ITB.
3. Joko Purwanto. 2004. Hockey. Yogyakarta: FIK UNY. Heryanto Nur Muhammad. 2018.Hockey. Unesa university press..
On the basis of a statement by Andi Prastowo (2014: 168) he states that the best books are written in good language and are easy to understand, presented attractively with pictures and descriptions, and their contents are in sync with the author’s ideas.
As a result of these expressions, the researcher concludes that books should be written in a language that is understandable to the target audience in order to attract new readers.

It is expected that the product of this development research will be a book that serves as a guide for athletes to practice new basic techniques that are currently popular.
Increased interest in reading, increased desire to learn and increased technical ability are expected from the final product. during a hockey game.

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