Tighten your skin

Tighten your skin

Wrinkles and black spots are the characteristic features of skin aging. These two things can be slowly happen so that your skin does not wrinkle, tight, look young and be healthy. This condition can be experienced by man or woman. This is a natural process. But, it may be caused  by some other factors like smoking, exposing to sunlight, dehydration, bad nutrition, pregnancy and body weight loss in very short time, even stress and environment pollution. There are some ways that you can do to make your skin tightened naturally. The result cannot be seen as quickly as using sophisticated equipment. But these are safer and long lasting.

  • Avoid losing your body weight too quickly

Having diet and doing heavy exercises can help you lose your weight fast. It looks very exciting, but it affects other body organs, including skin. When fat loose very fast, it disturbs body’s health and damage the body muscles which grip your skin. Therefore, if you want to lose your weight, do it regularly, gradually and consistently.

  • Avoid being dehydrated

Water is very important for all body organs including protect your body from being dehydrated. When your skin is dehydrated, it will be dull and loose. On the other side, if you drink at least 2 liters of water a day, your skin will be lightened and its elasticity will be maintained.

  • Use salted water

The disturbance of skin’s collagen growth is one cause of wrinkles. It is because of dirt and toxin sticking at skin tissue. To solve this, put some tablespoons of salt into the water that you want to use for taking a bath. It is useful to help your skin tightened especially on stomach part.

  • Consume nutritious food

There are many kinds of healthy food that can decrease the skin loose as well as keep skin elasticity. Vegetables and fruit give strong impact on skin’s health, for examples, strawberry, orange, avocado, and pepper. If you consume them regularly, it helps collagen formation that tightens your skin. It also prevents your skin from getting dried and increases your skin moisture. Others that are also important for your skin are grains, nuts, salmon and olive oil.

  • avoid and stop smoking

Smoking is proved to be one factor causing skin irritation. It also affects the development and the growth of body cells. Even it delays collagen production in your body. When you stop smoking and avoid being passive smoker, it helps protecting your internal body organs as well as your skin health.

  • Practice

In addition, tightening your skin naturally is by practicing your body muscles. If you do practice more consistently, your skin will get tightened. Gradually, it shapes your body especially your arms, legs, and stomach.

  • Message

Message is another way to tighten your skin. When you regularly message your skin, your blood circulates well. The results are skin premature aging, wrinkles, and fine lines on your skin will be decreased. You use some oils in your message such as almond oil containing vitamin E and high antioxidant, mustard oil believed to lighten your skin and olive oil that increases your blood circulation so that muscles and body tissues function well.

  • use herbal mask

You don’t haveto  spend much money to remove your wrinkles. Make a mixture of yolk, milk and honey or mashed banana as your effective and efficient face masks.

  • Use baby oil

The last way of tightening your skin is using baby oil. After taking a bath, rub baby oil onto your skin. You will get more elastic skin and prevent it from dehydration.

Those above are the ways how to tighten your skin. Keep your skin health is very important. Otherwise, you will get some skin’s problems. Avoid using chemical substanaces for your skin. If you have to do so, consult your doctor.


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Description:  Wrinkles and black spots are the characteristic features of skin aging. These two things can be slowly happen so that your skin does not wrinkle, tight, look young and be healthy

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