What are the effects of getting divorce?

What are the effects of getting divorce?

Divorce is an end of a marriage. When there frequently quarrels, unhappiness, unfaithfulness, or other problems, sometimes a couple wants to end their marriage. They consider it as the best solution. Another reason is giving a life experience to the couple that it is the best way of getting out from the hurt feeling. But, on the contrary, it is not an end, it creates some other problems. Think it over before you take the decision.

There are some causes of getting divorce. First is failed communication. Failed communication between a husband and a wife can be a trigger of divorce. Less communication between them make them less understand each other and quarrel frequently. It leads to divorce if they do not try to find a solution immediately. Next is unfaithfulness.  A husband or a wife betrays the marriage. They have affair with another woman or man. They don not apologize or forgive each other. Even they choose their new couple. Divorce is last choice. Another cause is domestic violence. There so many people choose to get divorced with their couples because they got domestic violence. Economic problem is another cause of getting divorced. Because their couple cannot fulfill their daily needs, they choose to divorce. Furthermore, early-age marriage leads to divorce. Because they are very young, they sometimes cannot face the hard problem in their life. The last cause is cultural change. Getting divorce used to be an unusual thing. It becomes trends and life style to some couples now.

But, is getting divorce a best solution? Before you take this, think it over. Think about the effects of getting divorce. The followings are the effects:

  • Children become victim

Children really hurt when they have their parents divorced. They are afraid of losing their father and mother’s love altogether as they live separately. They will concentrate on everything they do, even when they are studying at school. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable or confused to be in between. Who they have to listen, follow or live with, father or mother. The worst is children may experience to drugs, bad friendship, and other negative things.

  • Effects for parents

Not only children, parents also get the bad effects of getting divorced. They feel worried about how to fulfill their children daily needs especially a housewife who does not get used to going for work. Their (a couple who gets divorced) parents sometimes support their daily needs.

  • Financial problem

It happens to many people. When they get divorced, their income will decrease. They have to make their living themselves. When there is a child, she or he has to work harder.

  • Childcare problem

It often happens because they have the same right to care for their children. Here you need to talk with your couple how to raise your children together. Sometimes because they do not communicate each other, they become unfair. They do not let their children to meet their parents because of some reasons.

  • Emotional problem

After getting divorced you might have some problems with your emotion. You fail in your marriage and it hurts you so much. Feeling disappointed to your couple and trauma to get acquainted with some other persons, depressed, worried, lonely etc.

Getting divorced is not the best solution. There are some bad effects that you will get. Therefore, think it over before you make up your mind what to do.

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Description: Divorce is an end of a marriage. When there frequently quarrels, unhappiness, unfaithfulness, or other problems, sometimes a couple wants to end their marriage.


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