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History and How it Works Machine Gun

Machine gun is the result of technological breakthroughs that have an important role during the last hundred years, especially when the World War I and II. One of the advantages is the workings of the machine gun is more practical than with other types of weapons. Soldiers who use this gun is quite a shot one time only, then some bullet straight out and hit the enemy instantly.
History and How it Works Machine Gun
History Invention Machine Gun

There is one thing that is very interesting about the history of the discovery of the gun and the workings of this machine gun. As it turns out the inventor is not the military but has a profession as a dentist named Richard Jordan galling. He was born in Herford County 12 September 1818. His father was a farmer.

Long before making weapons and create a system or the workings of a machine gun Richard was able to make a special screw used in propeller steamer. The findings were encouraging him to create a new variety of machine tools, especially those that can be used by many people. Then a few moments later Richard could make another machine is a tool to cut the fleece that uses steam.

Civil War in America

In 1861 in the American civil war with many victims. This condition made him feel very sad. He often watched no army could go home but her condition has been disabled or sick and some even died. From here then Richard interested in creating a tool that is able to make the risk of suffering soldiers to be reduced, even can use to stop the war is still raging.

Richard think if the number of soldiers who are disabled and die can be reduced if there is a tool and an effective killer weapon to defeat the enemy. He then made the design and conduct some experiments. Furthermore, he succeeded in creating a weapon called the Gun galling.

The shape of this weapon almost exactly with the cannon. Similarly to its size. It’s just how the machine gun is much more perfect. Within one minute the amount spent bullets can reach 200 seeds. In addition, the operating system does not require a lot of people, but only a few.

Use for War Machine Gun

In order to sell the rifle was officially, in 1862 Richard founded a business entity called The Gun galling. Unfortunately what was done by Richard does not get the attention of the American government. Even they are not willing to buy guns findings.

The reason is because the way the work of Richard the machine gun did not wear the trigger so it is not practical to use although it can defeat the enemy. Besides heavy machine gun is considered very heavy and not easily prepared quickly in the battlefield.

But fortunately there is a general named Benjamin Butler were interested in using the work of Richard rifle. He gave orders to his men to buy the rifle twelve pieces and used to attack and besiege Petersbug.

When used at the first time that the rifle galling Benjamin Gun makes men very surprised. Even the enemy forces also made stunned. The machine gun had broken the power and reach higher. Furthermore, the weapon used by the Armed Forces Unionist but its use is still limited.

Furthermore, during the war of Vietnam, American soldiers are tasked with fighting on the battlefield weapons mendapakant the same model but the workings of the machine gun was much more perfect and sophisticated, although the concept is still the weapon models Gun galling.

Within one minute only new weapon is capable of removing as many as six thousand bullets shot. And to this day the term or name Galing weapons are still used when there are pointing cannon that uses a rotating barrel.

Richard Jordan galling died on February 26, 1903 while hospitalized at the women’s own brother. Until now the workings of a machine gun designed by Richard regarded as the most frightening and terrible system, especially when viewed at a time when it was first invented weapons.

System and How it Works Machine Gun

Virtually all types of weapons have the same system to activate is pressed explosives on the back of the projectile. System and the workings of the machine gun cannon adapted from a working system.

Before use, the edges opened then given munition which is a mixture of sulfur, potassium nitrate and charcoal. After being on the bottom, heated cannon. Meanwhile at the lower end of which there is a hole small cannon given axis. Once the wick ignited, the fire that lights will move and pass through or into the hole.

When the flame axis touch bullets or gunpowder, the gunpowder it will be hot and then burned. Therefore, the temperature in the space cannon also be hot, this condition makes the cannon to push out the powder with a very high speed.

While on the use of machine guns, though broadly the same concept but the workings of the machine gun has a difference. For example the type of pistol bullets bullets inserted into the container first. Once the trigger is pulled stay. The bullet that was in the container is then entered into the barrel of a gun and being in front of a firing or trigger tool called Bolt.

Furthermore, the bolt will push the bullet. The very strong pressure to make the bullet firmly bolted towards compliance with the objectives. But before the exit, right at the end of the barrel which is behind there is a tool whose name chambering ram. Its function is to make the bullet becomes firmer pressure again.

The method is a tool that makes the bullet spin rapidly. And after darting out, besides the bullet firmly slide also spins like a top. So the power will be growing raced strong and fast.

Machine gun that uses modern technology typically use automated systems that work. So when the first bullet had entered in the barrel, then the next bullet sudan there is in place and ready for launch. The number of bullets is not just one or two but up to dozens at a time.

Not only that, the workings of a modern machine gun is also equipped with telephoto function to obtain or measure an object or target shooting more accurately. In fact, the tool is also equipped with other equipment to measure the speed of movement of the object and the target. So when the target to shoot continuously moving shooting can still be done correctly.

The concept or the workings of a machine gun like this is not only applied to the gun, but also against other weapons systems such as cannons and other enemies killing machine. The system is not only applied to the weapon used on land, but also in the sea and air.

What distinguishes only shapes and sizes as well as how to use it. While the workings of a machine gun remains the same. Another difference lies in the speed, affordability or the number of bullets issued for one-shot or every minute.

Machine gun is a weapon that has a very important role in the period of one hundred years old this year. But what’s interesting is how the weapon or machine gun was not found by the military but civilians who had profession as a dentist. Until now working system tools to paralyze the enemy is often applied to other types of weapons.

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